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Victory - Responsive FluxBB Style

NOTE: This skin is no longer supported as I have opened my own wallpaper shop and no longer have time to offer free support sad

The design still works great on the latest version of Fluxbb smile

Victory is a responsive FluxBB skin based on Air which looks great on all screen sizes - from widescreen desktops to tablets and smartphones. It also comes bundled with plenty of optional extra scripts allowing you to quickly and easily customise your forum community to your needs. Discuss on the forum here.

Recent version


Version 1.0.2

Renaming 3 queries in the includes to prevent the "Move Topics" dropdown from breaking in moderate.php (Reported by Mr.T). Manual fixes can be found here:-

  • 2013-02-13

Version 1.0.1

1. Line 63 in Victory/includes/global.userstatus.php changed "&" to "&" to fix an XML parsing bug. Thanks to Spiky for spotting this bug.

2. Updated Line 55 in Victory/admin.tpl to add correct link to release thread at

  • 2013-01-09

Version 1.0

Initial release.

  • 2013-01-09