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EZC - Easy Costumize


Informations about the EZC theme
  • Creation date: january 2013

  • License: GNU General Public License -

  • Author: Jojaba -

  • Works on: FluxBB 1.4.* and 1.5.*

  • Uncompress the content of the file on your computer

  • Upload the EZC.css file and EZC folder to the myforum/style/ remote folder

  • Change the default style in the Option menu of the FluxBB administration panel or in the Profile panel.

Philosophie and content description

This Theme has been created to provide a light-weight file, easy to modify. It has been completely rewritten (is not a fork of an available Theme).
2 sections in the EZC.css file:

  • The base code (css2.1, working on IE 8+, and all other modern browsers, without css3 effects). This is the base code.

  • The second section provide css3 properties. They work on IE 10 and all other modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera

In the EZC folder, you find the stylesheet for the admin pages (very light). If you are looking for a compressed version of EZC, try the EZC-mini.css file. Other colorfull themes are available in the package. wink

How to customize?

You want to change the colors of your board
» The color scheme used by EZC is:

   # dark 1 » #06266f (blue) | dark 2 » #2a4480 (blue)
   # light 1 » #b6c9ef (blue) | light 2 » #8db0fc (blue)
   # grey 1 » #777 (dark) | grey 2 » #efefef (light)

To get the green layout, these colors has been replaced by this one:

   # dark 1 » #336633 (green) | dark 2 » #553c00 (braun)
   # light 1 » #dff9c5 (green) | light 2 » #ffeaba (red)
   # grey 1 » #777 (dark) | grey 2 » #efefef (light)

Here's the green theme (it is in the 1.1 version package):

You only want to modify one part of the board
» See the comments to quickly find the top, the bottom, the information block and modify or add some properties.
You want to add images to the style
» Create a "img" folder in the "EZC" folder where you can put the pictures, the path to this images in the css will be "EZC/img/"

Recent version


Version 1.1

# Fixed the overfloawing of the code box if code line too long
# Set a max-width to images and other elements.
# Improving responsive design (feat to all screen width)
# Adding green, and grey style into the package

  • 2013-01-15

Version 1.0

Initial release.

  • 2013-01-12