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CrunchBang v1.0

CrunchBang was the wonderful minimalist, keep out of the way and powerful Linux System, as a Linux Newb I loved it very much and the FluxBB Forum as well that had this wonderful theme keeping to the Crunchy #! style and a gem of itself. Before getting Banned on BunsenLabs as I tend to be on a strike one after another - I was kindly given the theme and it is now in public but I wanted to put it up here for everybody. As it is one of my favorite themes of FluxBB besides the default of Mercury of color choices. Although none of them is setup for Mobility. After the bloody Murder of CrunchBang one fellow resisted and he now Runs something called CrunchBang++ which is the absolute closest to the old spirit and style of Crunchbang. But, as it goes - many things was ruined by one man taken a despotic decision and closing it all down given the finger to the whole community - not being willing to hand it over to someone wanting to keep it going in its spirit. Anyway, I repackage the file into a Zip file for easier unpacking. Just put it in the style directory and you should be ready to try it out.
May Jehovah be with thee and Jesus a most precious Pearl and their Spirit of Truth in us All. Amayn.

  • Release downloads: 633
  • Released: 2020-04-02