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Advanced Online List v1.8

This mod will show you where a user currently is on the board - which forum, topic, user profile they're viewing, whether they're searching, editing, replying or even deleting!

It is very simple to add to and you can easily integrate it with your own site, as you can see I have done at the link below. Very clean code, and it also introduces the feature of detecting those pesky bots!

I have tested this on my heavily modified 1.5.3 forum, and a clean version of 1.5.6, both with the exact same result. I haven't tried any other versions between those, but they should be compatible

Here are some screenshots:








You can view it at my site here:


Minor Code Changes:

- Added a 'last active' feature - on the online.php page, the users who are currently online now have a new field next to them entitled "Last Active". This displays how many minutes/seconds ago the user was last active.

The value does not go higher than minutes, due to the fact that the online timeout should not be longer than one hour.

- Changed code (mainly for preference). Example:

if ($pun_user['g_view_users'] == 0)
$member = pun_htmlspecialchars($user_online['ident']);


if ($pun_user['g_view_users'] == 0)
{ $member = pun_htmlspecialchars($user_online['ident']);

- Slight code change for the generate_user_location() function, the value $ident is no longer used.