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Advanced Online List

This mod will show you where a user currently is on the board - which forum, topic, user profile they're viewing, whether they're searching, editing, replying or even deleting!

Detailed description:

It is very simple to add to and you can easily integrate it with your own site, as you can see I have done at the link below. Very clean code, and it also introduces the feature of detecting those pesky bots!

I have tested this on my heavily modified 1.5.3 forum, and a clean version of 1.5.6, both with the exact same result. I haven't tried any other versions between those, but they should be compatible

Here are some screenshots:








You can view it at my site here:

Recent version

  • Supports FluxBB: 1.5.8, 1.5.7, 1.5.6, 1.5.5, 1.5.4, 1.5.3


Version 1.8

Minor Code Changes:

- Added a 'last active' feature - on the online.php page, the users who are currently online now have a new field next to them entitled "Last Active". This displays how many minutes/seconds ago the user was last active.

The value does not go higher than minutes, due to the fact that the online timeout should not be longer than one hour.

- Changed code (mainly for preference). Example:

if ($pun_user['g_view_users'] == 0)
$member = pun_htmlspecialchars($user_online['ident']);


if ($pun_user['g_view_users'] == 0)
{ $member = pun_htmlspecialchars($user_online['ident']);

- Slight code change for the generate_user_location() function, the value $ident is no longer used.

  • 2014-09-12

Version 1.7

- changed uneeded variables (i.e. $username = pun_htmlspecialchars($username);) to the same variable

- changed elseif(...) to case: ... break; which loads faster - not enough to make a real difference, but enough to satisfy me that it was better to change it - see times below

Old function: 0.0212 seconds for a page load on average (online.php)

New function: 0.0207 seconds for a page load on average (online.php)

- changed queries to avoid dupliactes of $db->prefix in the same query when it wasn't needed in function generate_user_location()

- due to the new changes above, the function generate_user_location is a lot shorter

- fixed issue with dash in the generate_user_location function - on my own site, I added an option for the dash to be replaced with the "not online" language - and now it has been added in

- added language in for post.php?action=post (when you submit the post.php form)

- changed the "X total forums" on misc.php?action=leaders to an optgroup label rather than an option (it wouldn't redirect anywhere anyway so it was pointless being the way it was)

- added link to the online page into the board header

- if a user can view user profiles (and online information is enabled in administration), then the online page shows in the header for them to view, otherwise it doesn't.

- Fixed major issue with revealing information from forums, even if a user doesn't have permission to view them

  • 2014-08-10

Version 1.6

Fixed stupid bugs here:

  • 2014-07-22

Version 1.5

- The option 'o_users_online' must be set for the mod to appear on the viewforum & viewtop.php pages now

- Added a new page called 'the moderating team' (misc.php?action=leaders). The board staff will be displayed on this page along with their current location. The users who moderate certain forums will have a select box displayed along with the forums they moderate. On change of the select, you will get redirected to the forum they moderate.

  • 2014-07-20

Version 1.4

- Applied pun_htmlspecialchars() to values echoed in online.php

- Updated function generate_users_online to reference correct index for post.php

- Changed so that the link no longer goes to post.php when a user is posting a message, it goes to a topic

- Corrected index for language in online.php.

- Removed unused variable in new update_users_online() function.

- In userlist.php, the language file has been changed from topic.php to online.php & the text in the file has been moved to the language file

- The inclusion of the language file has been moved before the while loop

- Updated lang/*/online.php and add new language for userlist.php

- Fixed major issue with multiple pages - when a page was referenced in the URL, then the user would no longer appear in that topic/forum. I.E. If the URL was viewtopic.php?id=1&p=1, the user would appear in topic 11 rather than topic 1 due to flter_var. This has also been fixed in viewtopic.php & viewforum.php

  • 2014-07-19

Version 1.3

Minor change in online.php for language index. It should have been $lang_online['viewing online'], but was $lang_online['view online'] instead.

Also, a change in the readme for clarification on which second file to open.

If you have the last version, there is no need to update.

  • 2014-07-08

Version 1.2

Added support for those forums that aren't on a sub-domain and have directories before the forum. I.E.

  • 2014-07-06

Version 1.1

Updated archive to add in missing images.

  • 2014-07-06

Version 1.0

Initial release.

  • 2014-07-06