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SpamBarrier v1.0.6

This mod attempts to block spammers by using 3 levels of detection :
- HoneyPot field method
- StopForumSpam database

What this mod offers:
- Ability to control registrations by HoneyPot field (registration only)
- Ability to control registrations and connections by querying the StopForumSpam database
- Ability to control registrations and connections with DNSBL servers
- "HoneyPot" field customizable
- Possibility to submit detected spammers to StopForumSpam service (HoneyPot detection and deleting spammer's registered account)
- Setting the API key for StopForumSpam


Updated for FluxBB 1.5.2 compatibility.
The version numbers are the only modifications, but 4 files are modified :
- readme.txt
- install_mod.php
- plgins/AP_SpamBarrier.php
- include/spambarrier.php
[Edit] Works with 1.5.3 too[/Edit]