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Simple Move Posts

Very simple mod to allow moving one or many posts to a different, already existing topic using FluxBB's "split posts" functionality.

Detailed description:

This mod is an upgrade to FluxBB's "split posts" functionality to allow not only moving posts to a new topic, but moving them to a different, existing topic as well.

Usage: Simply click the "Moderate Topic" link on a topic page, select the posts to move, click the "Split" button, and you'll find a new field for "Destination Topic". Here enter the viewtopic.php link or topic ID for the destination topic to move the posts to.

Installation: Replace moderate.php with the modded version in the files directory, or apply the patch file to your existing moderate.php (recommended). All changes are marked by "MOD Move Posts" comments.

In order to keep the changes to the core code as few as possible the mod UI is spartan and no language files are used (only three lines of text have been changed or added).

  • Modification downloads: 1093
  • Released: 2014-01-13

Recent version

  • Supports FluxBB: 1.5.6