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Allow users to bump their last post of a topic and sage ( not updating topic's last post date ) when replying.

Detailed description:

Bump could be useful for :

  • Someone editing his post, and wanting to make it seem new.

  • Someone wanting focus ( and giving a sign of life so we know he still want focus ).

Sage could be useful for :

  • To answer a necroposter and not making things worse.

  • If you disapprove of a topic and still need to reply to it.

There is a page to manage it for admins :, and a part in help :

An example of a bump :

An example of a sage :

In the admin tools, there is a tool to rebuild saged or bumped topic's last post date :

Recent version

  • Supports FluxBB: 1.4.8


Version 1.0.1

change in include/mods/bumpsage_post.php, bumped post only bumped in viewforum but not in index, the change update the index too ( and the search index also )

to update from 1.0.0 edit include/mods/bumpsage_post.php and add after line 46 :

// Update search index
update_search_index('edit', $id, $message);

// Update forum last post, ...

  • 2012-04-03


changing bad source file name ( in [ UPLOAD ] ) in readme.txt

  • 2012-03-29