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Auto Warnings

Adds warning/infraction system to your forum

Detailed description:

This is the conversion of a mod I wrote for punbb 1.2 / fluxbb 1.2 a while ago (which I never released), to work in fluxbb 1.4. It is based on MyBB's Warning System.

Highlights of the most important features

  • To get started, admin should go to admin cp and enter some warning types and warning levels.

  • Warning types and warning levels can then be viewed by forum users by going to warnings.php

  • Warnings can be issued from two places: from post, or from user's profile menu (Profile->Essentials->User activity)

  • If the warning is issued from post, a copy of the post will be displayed on the warning's "details" page under "Copy of post for which warning was issued", with a link back to the original post at the bottom.

  • Only admin and mods can view the "admin notes" part on the "details" page.

  • Warnings cannot be issued to users who are currently banned.

  • You can edit the warnings pm template located at lang/English/mail_templates/warning_pm.tpl

For those interested, the fluxbb 1.2 version can be downloaded here.

Recent version

  • Supports FluxBB: 1.4.8