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Another Reputation System

This will allow the use of reputation in FluxBB 1.5.3 and above. It includes various different capabilities, including the ability to limit the amount of reputation given/taken in one day per user group, a reputation interval (or none), stopping user groups from using it and loads more!

Detailed description:

NOTE: Due to installation issues, MySQL is not supported. In order to use this mod, please make sure that your $db_type variable is at least mysqli or mysqli_innodb. For further support, refer to the topic.

This will allow the use of reputation in FluxBB 1.5.3 and above. It includes various different capabilities, including the ability to limit the amount of reputation given/taken in one day per user group, a reputation interval (or none), stopping user groups from using it, controlling which forums it is active in and enabling or disabling it forum-wide

Extremely flexible modification for FluxBB 1.5.3 and above. Tested on my heavily modified 1.5.3 forum, and a clean version of 1.5.7, both with the exact same results. Note that it should be compatible between these versions, but hasn't been tested apart from on those two.

- Decide which user groups can (and cannot) use the reputation system

- Decide how long user groups have to wait between giving/taking user's reputation

- Having trouble with a reputation abuser? - Easy! Remove any reputation you need.

- Guests can (depending on whether you allow them to) can use the reputation system.

- Easy ways to see who has given and received what reputation

- Set the amount of points allowed to be given/taken from each user group per day

- Uses install_mod.php to automatically update the database

- Once integrated with FluxBB, you won't even know it's a mod!

You can view it at my site:


















Recent version

  • Supports FluxBB: 1.5.8, 1.5.7, 1.5.6, 1.5.5, 1.5.4, 1.5.3


Version 1.5

- When reputation wasn't enabled, the query for the total poster's reputation was still carried out and displayed. This is now fixed.

- Changed if/elseif to case/switch in viewtopic.php

- MUCH cleaner code, also faster.

- Removed all extra database queries in viewtopic.php - from now on, the reputation is collected along with the original query for posts. Due to this change, a column called 'reputation' is now present in the 'users' and 'posts' tables.

- Changed XmlHttpRequest to jQuery (no-cache) ajax request via GET. There were several bugs with the old method - for one, it cached the GET request meaning if you changed your vote twice, nothing would happen, and two, XmlHttpRequest is deprecated.

- Reputation now checks for reputation abuse, and alerts the mailing list if found. The amount is configurable through the admin panel.

- Database structure has changed, and is much more optimised. For all users using this mod, run the reputation upgrade plugin to update your database structure. For further support please refer to the reputation support topic.

- Reputation from/given by users is now shown on profile.php rather than in reputation.php. Due to this change, reputation.php has been modified, and moved to the /include/ folder. For more information on files needed to upgrade, please refer to the support topic (particularly the post below).

- Sections for viewing reputation given/received by users have been merged into one section

- Removed more redundant language strings

- 100% compatible with FluxBB 1.5.8

- Checks for non-english language files when reputation is enabled

  • 2015-03-22

Version 1.4

- removed unused '$type' in reputation.php and cleaned up surrounding code (13 lines condensed to 4 in two places)

- halved queries when displaying reputation (viewtopic.php, profile.php and fetching the new reputation in reputation.php

- changed COUNT(*) AS id to COUNT(id) in SQL

- changed date(xxx, yyy) to format_time(yyy, true) - FluxBB default time function

- fixed check to make sure that users can edit user profiles before being allowed to remove reputation

- checked if language file exists ebfore including it

- checked to see if user is admin group when updating reputation (admins are excempt from having reputation disabled)

- renamed two database columns: g_rep_plus_min === g_rep_plus and g_rep_minus_min === g_rep_minus

- changed require_once to require

- removed ability to remove reputation use for individual users, removed ability for a user to turn off the reputation by themselves.

- fixed HTML display issue in profile.php (missing <legend>)

- fixed CSS issue, CSS now much cleaner

- fixed grammatical error in language file, removed now unused langauge indexes

- fixed issue with nested queries ($result was over-ridden by reputation queries, so only one post was ever displayed)

- fixed cache issue with install_mod.php - config cache is new re-generated after installing to avoid blank values in admin_options.php

- stopped guest's usernames appearing as links to the guest profile if a user has permission to view profiles

- updated database structure (changed SMALLINT(6) to INT(1)

- added ability to configure forum-specific reputation use

- stopped users from giving/taking reputation in closed threads (admins and moderators still can)

- fixed small error in reputation.php - users with the reputation disabled also couldn't view the reputation of other users. This has changed to just not being able to alter the reputation of other users (which was what was originally intended anyway)

- Tested on latest version of FluxBB, 1.5.7, with stunning results.

  • 2014-11-20

Version 1.3

- Fixed Variable name error

- cleaner code and fixed redundant variables

- changed $_REQUEST to $_GET in reputation.php

- fixed a $db->prefix error and fixed several other prefix errors (if a table prefix is present)

- Changed require('footer.php'); to require PUN_ROOT.'footer.php';

- removed unneeded variables

- code is more structured using case/switch in places

- Added exit after header call in reputation.php

- Changed several database fetch methods to result instead of fetch_assoc to avoid unneeded indexes when only one result would ever be present

- changed query syntax instead of "COUNT(*) AS SOMETHING" to "COUNT(FIELD)"

- Changed require ...lang/English/reputation.php to require ...lang/$pun_user['language']/reputation.php include multiple language packs

- Added french language pack (thanks arnaud) :)

- combined multiple checks in code for empty variables into one (or two at the most)

- added multiple checks to secure the values provided through the URL: $db->escape(intval($_GET['something']));

- made sure that moderators can edit profiles in reputation.php before allowing them to remove reputation

- changed javascript to external file in order to optimise the script and provide a faster loading time - as well as seperate the code. Now only one javascript function is declared rather than one for each row of the table when viewing reputation for other users.

- formatted javascript properly

- removed unneeded while loops in viewtopic.php

- change in html display (added <dd></dd> in viewtopic.php for a better display)

- Fixed header errors by saving file as UTF8 without BOM

- Gives the choice of using AJAX

- fixed issue with install_mod.php - due to the database structure, the administrator group would be limited on their votes per day. This is no longer an issue.

  • 2014-08-18

Version 1.2.1

Uploaded the incorrect reputation.php file, this is now fixed.

  • 2014-05-15

Version 1.2

Much cleaner code:

- Fixed style issue in profile.php. In the theme 'air' the reputation was not displaying correctly

- Fixed style issues in viewtopic.php. (Padding issue)

- Much cleaner PHP code all round

- updated image code in files to not point to my own site

- minor modification to install_mod.php

- fixed other style related issues

- fixed code in profile.php to check if reputation is enabled by board admin

- removed language not used

- fixed check for language which will throw error if language pack is not installed

- removed the icons for your own posts (you can't vote for yourself anyway, so there is no point in having them)

  • 2014-05-14

Version 1.1

- If the reputation system is disabled in administration, then it is no longer displayed in the user's profile (or other areas).

- Fixed vulnerabilities in the code

- Version 1.0 removed.

  • 2014-02-20