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Another Private Messaging - Topic System v3.0.4

Adds functions for sending topics to people within FluxBB.



- Updated for FluxBB 1.5.3 (still compatible with 1.5.*)
- New feature: message content in the notification mail (to be enabled in profile.php)
- Description moved in the right place in profile.php (thanks Trace)
- sender_id instead of sender_ip in pms_view.php
- $p replaced by $page in pms_view.php and pms_inbox.php
- Fixed a pagination bug in pms_view.php

To update from previous version of Another Private Messaging-Topic System (before 3.0.0),
please delete all modifications in your PHP files, then install this one.

If you have 3.0.0/3.0.1/3.0.2/3.0.3 installed, uninstall it with Mod Installer,
replace your old files by the new ones and launch the installation via Mod Installer.
PLEASE run the install_mod (it is modified to keep the "messages" table untouched if the mod is already installed).