Modifications are a way of adding extra functionality to FluxBB. The installation of modifications requires manually editing source code. More information can be found in the documentation.

Modifications ( 227 found ) Version

A Simple Image Upload by Sium

This mod integrates image hosting with FluxBB

v1.4.0 2012-12-18

A very simple post rating system with thumbs by fra2591

Rate useful or not useful each post with thumbs

v1.0 2011-03-05

Add Trainwreck Site Menu by CRLin

Add Site Menu(look like FluxBB official menu).


v1.0.1 2012-07-05

Admin Restrictions by chris98

This will allow the original board administrator to impose restrictions upon the other administrators.

v1.2 2014-12-10

Adsense After First Post by Smartys

Displays an Adsense ad in its own post after the first post in every topic.

v1.2.3 2013-05-01

Advanced Online List by chris98

This mod will show you where a user currently is on the board - which forum, topic, user profile they're viewing, whether they're searching, editing, replying or even deleting!

v1.8 2014-09-12

Advertising made Simple by jacob

This modification will install ads faster than you could possibly imagine.

v0.3 2012-04-05

Ajax Chat for FluxBB by adaur

This mod allows you to display easily a shoutbox where you want on your forum.

v0.8.6 2013-10-26

Ajax Post Edit by daris

Allows edit post without refreshing page (using ajax)

v1.6.3 2011-12-10

Ajax Quick Merge Post by DenisVS

Allows quickly post a reply (using ajax) and merge your message with last message in a topic if it was yours.

v1.0.2 2017-07-08

Ajax Quick Post by daris

Allows quickly post a reply (using ajax)

v2.0.3 2011-04-11

Amici - Friends list by Fraesse

A simple friends list for add a friend.
Aggiunge amici sul profilo.

v1.2 2015-08-23

An auto tweet mod for new topics created - Twitter by orkneywd

This mod will automatically send a tweet on your Twitter account whenever a new topic is created (in forums you specify). Great for easy social media :)

v1.1 2013-10-16

An Image Title by stevetheipad

This mod will get rid of the board title and just show the image.

v1.0 2012-06-07

Anniversaire 1.0 by thib3113

This mod adds age and date of birth under the avatar in the viewtopic, the user can choose to show or hide his age, and / or his birthday.

v1.0 2011-04-28