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#1 2022-07-21 16:50:18

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20220721 Help finding length of post before download

First, thanks again for assistance provided in the past!

We are continuing to work on cleanup of the FluxBB/MySql database.

Spammer created ID's have been salvaged and converted for use by members.

We've progressed to removing artifacts left over from a previous forum package. We've completed nearly 70K posts of 78K known to contain artifacts.

The process is automated, with manual oversight, when FluxBB objects to bbcode our authors back in 2002 tossed into the post.  Apparently the earlier forum let them pass, but FluxBB is not as forgiving.

The purpose of ** this ** post is to ask if there is a query a Mod can run that shows the length of a post. The automated process is packed with fail safe features, but there is a weak point.

If FluxBB is asked to deliver a post, it makes a good faith effort, but every now and then the post that shows up in the edit window is not complete.  Is there a query  a Mod can run to reveal how long that post was before the download request was issued?

We have the post ID to work with, and are using the query to fetch each post by ID.

Is there (?possibly?) a way to modify that query to show just the length?


To see the history of our little project, you're welcome to visit, and look at the Housekeeping topic.


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#2 2022-07-26 14:16:15

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Re: 20220721 Help finding length of post before download

for any of the MySQL versions:




for any of the MSSQL versions

If you post your existing SQL query, I can help you edit the query to include the LENGTH(FIELD_NAME) directly into the existing query so that it appears directly into the existing results, but it is NOT a good idea to run multiple quires within a function ( meaning, don't run a selection statement with an additional selection statement based on the results of the previous. )


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