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You were invited to the conference fluxbb for a chat.

Make you birdie/XMPP/Jabber account here: - don't mind the look of the page. And no need to check your email, your account is activated at creation.

Then join me on:

If you want a PC client, get this one:
You need some inputs for this for
Japper ID: your
Password: your password

Welcome to Jabber/XMPP/BIRDIE! smile
Push the Burger down right -> Push Join chat -> Room: fluxbb -> join! smile

If you wanna add me as a friend - add contact: and give me a name and there you go. You could use the name Darkijah for me.

If you download Blabber for Android, just use your Name and password for your account and push the + in the down right corner and join public channel and write in and join. Or use the HTML Link provided by Blabber I guess should work as well.

Anyway, get going guys, the Chatroom is open - all welcome! big_smile

Have any issues, I'm here!

- Darkijah

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