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#1 2019-12-31 21:27:30

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Sub Huys!


Im Elar as a "hawayman", from in Estonia yeah ahaa, nobody dont know where is is big_smile

Found this very awesome lightweight php forum cms via google, first i didnt even paid attention to this search results of "php forum scripts", then i accidentaly closed chrome windows and restate tabs and again fluxbb site was in my screen.

It looks very promising lightweight forum cms. I own my personal movies collections list website and have been looking some minimalistic forum to my site, first i struggle with mybb forum cms and found some decent style what to use but total file size was big compared to fluxbb big_smile

Plan is melt fluxbb to my website "-framework" style and later as well user/data integrations!

First step is done, installed, configured in admin panel, now looking add some more funcsion to forum, rate, poll etc!

Hopefully this communuty is not dead to help me out some issues/problems!

My skills in php, css is 4/10 about smile english is not my native language, sorry for some grammar issues, thankfully googe translate is my frend here

Happy New Year to everyone!

- Elar!

Universe is big but my ambitions is bigger!


#2 2020-01-03 08:40:18

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Re: Sub Huys!

Welcome and good luck with your forum! smile

Do let us know if you hit any roadblocks, we're here to help. | develoPHP

"As code is more often read than written it's really important to write clean code."


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