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Problems with + question on member selection

I want to start a discussion forum for all those who are involved in skin cancer prevention in the Netherlands. Today, I found FluxBB and liked the concept. Then, I saw that it is possible to have my forum hosted at This would save me a lot of maintenance and installation effort! I entered the details for my forum and its administrator (=me) and got me a forum. So far so good. Then I wanted to see what a regular member of my own forum would see and registered myself once again at my forum, this time with a subtly different username and a completely different email-address, now without the administrator privileges. The system gave no complaint, but strange enough, I did not have to enter a password. Strange! Then I tried to log in with the new member name, but without a password this was very hard. Therefore, I clicked "password forgotten" and it told me that a new password would be sent. Nothing came. Then, I tried to register as a member to the support forum of punbb-hosting. One of the items on the registration form is a captcha, but there is no captcha: the picture shown tells me that "reCAPTCHA V1 is shutdown". In this way, I cannot register and therefore not ask my question how to register a member at my own newly created forum at punbb-hosting. Who can help me out? Who has a better alternative?

Another question that I have: I want to be able to select who I admit as full members to my forum and who I reject, before the full membership of the forum is granted. Is this possible? Or is anyone who registers automatically full member?




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Re: Problems with + question on member selection

PunBB is another software, and that uses PunBB may be not so updated (reCaptcha v1? There is v3/no captcha/invisible captcha currently...).

I suggesto to lose some more minutes to setup a forum using FluxBB, more flexibility and, as you can see in other threads, there's some chance for updates in next weeks/months, PunBB seems dead at the moment...


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