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#1 2018-10-30 17:53:55

Pierre Ferson
Registered: 2018-10-30
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I am a neuwby (Dutch speaking)
I dond know how to set the options for new members
I wold like only submid member tha are realy intrested in my forum,
becorse it invoves an ilnis I suffer from and the forum is only ment for people with the same condition

If I set "new regritrations" YES I got about 30 regritrations a day ONLY SPAMMERS

I need some setting to allow only members ho realy care abou the forum




#2 2018-10-30 21:45:13

Lead developer
From: Germany
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Re: Options/admin

Hello Pierre,

there are several anti-spam modifications that can help you in our repository. If that does not help, there are many discussions about anti-spam measures in this forum. | develoPHP

"As code is more often read than written it's really important to write clean code."


#3 2018-10-31 21:44:24

Pierre Ferson
Registered: 2018-10-30
Posts: 5

Re: Options/admin

Hello Frans,

i write an new toppic in my forum how to ask for a mamberchip tro my original website: Lid worden - To got a member
here is the text i wroth

If you like to become a member of the forum
go to the link Website
go to contact:  Inschrijving website
whrite by "Opmerking" the reason why you want to become a member of the forum

olso in the ruls i set in Duth and Englich the following:

This is a Dutch-speaking forum
The use of the forum has been only permitted for people who suffer from the Stiff person syndrome or for their family and faith persons
Aid groups for these effection are most welcome
Doctors or nurses are also welcome here
Publicity is not allowed
Only if you fulfil to these conditions I can allow You to this forum

See olso: Lid worden - To got a member

I olso set the subscribe to NO
I hope all this wis set things OK



#4 2018-11-03 09:35:39

Pierre Ferson
Registered: 2018-10-30
Posts: 5

Re: Options/admin

Hi followers,

It works
Afther these modifcations there are no spambots who try to become a member
ofcorse i had to correct my gramatica and spelling
and i wrote a mail to all te spambots i had in my forum
In a few days i check tem and will delete all of those who didn't answer

so now i only need to wait for new members


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