Unfortunately no one can be told what FluxBB is - you have to see it for yourself.

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I need to ask directly, why are we using FluxBB, and not PhpBB or another forum-software?


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Re: Forum Type

FluxBB is clean, tidy and lightweight compared to other forum software


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Re: Forum Type

FluxBB is an open-source forum application released under the GNU General Public Licence. It is free to download and use and will remain so. FluxBB was conceived and designed to be fast and light with less of the "not so essential" features that some of the other forums have whilst not sacrificing essential functionality or usability.

FluxBB is a fork of PunBB, which was created by Rickard Andersson. In 2007, PunBB was sold to a commercial company. Development continued under the direction of Rickard until April 2008. At that time, Rickard announced he would be ceasing his active involvement with the project.

In light of the changed circumstances the remaining members of the development team decided they needed to exert more control over the direction of the project which meant the only option was to fork the project; that is when FluxBB was born.

The FluxBB v1.2 branch is an update to PunBB v1.2.17, fixing various issues.

In June 2010 we released the long awaited FluxBB v1.4.0, bringing quite a few important features and improvements. In the months that follows, we launched 9 updates for the 1.4 branch. In May 2012, we launched FluxBB v1.5.0, which included vast improvements against spam.

Our community forums currently run on a standard install of FluxBB v1.5.10, so please feel free to drop by and see it in action for yourself.

Various features:

Tour of FluxBB:

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Re: Forum Type

The lack of redundant design allows you to use FluxBB as an excellent skeleton for your own highly customizable assembly.


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Re: Forum Type

pariahsmile wrote:

I need to ask directly, why are we using FluxBB, and not PhpBB or another forum-software?

Is this posted in the right place, or perhaps on the right forum?

It would be silly for FluxBB to use a whole different forum software than the one they develop, no? big_smile


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Re: Forum Type

Mark >>FluxBB is clean, tidy and lightweight compared to other forum software

I would say the same, and also add , because it works well.
On the tidy, and light weight,... compared to phpBB, wow, phpBB is a real mess, a while back I installed it , the most recent version, not so much because I wanted a phpBB forum, but I was trying to help solve a problem someone was having with a phpBB board and so I needed to install it to get a first hand look at how it worked,and the extension that was the problem,... any  way, trying to find the problem, looking through the code, well my feelings were it was like trying to find a worm in a plate of spaghetti, phpBB is a real mess.
Most of the so called features I don't need or would ever use, .... so any way, I like fluxBB better, the code is "tidy" straight forward , and easy to go through.


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