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#1 2018-01-29 13:15:34

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Problem with private message after migration from punbb to fluxbb

Hi everybody,

I had an old forum with punbb 1.2, and I recently migrate to fluxbb 1.5. All is ok, I have the forums, the users with their password, the topics, etc....

Just a little problem, fluxbb create 4 groups automaticely (guest, modérator, admin, members). All the users where correctly moved to the group "members" during the migrate, but in this group, I haven't the option to send private message and mail on the page.

I create a new group, with this permission, and make it "by defaut", but only the new members have the option "private message and mail"

I'd like to move all the "old" users, who are in the "members" group to the new group, so they can have PM and mail.

Is there an existing method to move all users from a group to another ? Or promote them regarding the volume of posts ?

Thank you

Sorry for my English hmm

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