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FluxBB as forum for open source CMS


just wanted to let you know that since more than two years FluxBB is running successfully as the community forum for WBCE CMS with currently more than 300 members.
By default, the responsive theme Aira2 is used.
I have installed several plugins and some small improvements:
- a bit harder questions to keep spambots away,
- better difference between "report" and "reply" button since I recieved quite often "report" requests by mistake,
- the code plugin does not add "--undefined--" any longer when no code style is selected,
- a "thumbs up" button in the BBcode Editor
and that kind of thing.
It was very simple to switch over https after the forum was already running too.

I really like the simplicity and the performance of FluxBB, and I'm glad that I do not have to update it nearly once a week like the "big" forum tools.

As a newbie here, I can't post links, that's alright, I've configured my forum the same way (^_^)
If you like to have a look anyway, you will find my forum at


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