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#1 2017-05-18 22:47:03

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Very weird problem just started appearing this week. Re: UTF-8/emoji

I have never experienced something like this so I'm not even entirely sure what to search for on the internet on how to fix this issue.

I use UTF-8 characters as "cheap" graphics so I don't have to do another call/lookup tongue

(chrome) They show up as white text with purple background and approx 2 px black border.
(firefox) Same without the 2px black border.

College (I'm going for a medical degree atm): Working as intended. Black text on white background. Confirmed with both browsers this AM.

Any idea how on my home PC here I can make it so that on the website it doesn't auto translate the UTF-8s into emojis like at college?

Thanks much.

EDIT: This is a couple examples of what I'm seeing: at

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