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#1 2017-04-10 22:13:04

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I finally have the prototype done of what I was planning to do.

You can see it in action at:

I finally got the basics down. I kind of wanted to fork but at the same time I kind of wanted to mash my website with fluxbb?

I hope you understand now what I was trying to say a year or so ago. tongue

I'm still working out the various bits and bugs but it ties directly into my website now.

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#2 2017-04-11 09:03:20

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Re: I finally have the prototype done of what I was planning to do.

That's how my fork started, I started doing my own thing and thought I could do a better job if I made it a portable application. And the rest is history wink

You've done a very good job there, and no doubt (being pretty CSS illiterate myself) that there is an awful lot of work gone into there. My personal view is that it's too mobile-streamed and should fit more to desktop PCs as well, but I am very impressed with the colour scheme and theme designs, they match very well indeed.


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