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Here is my work in progress

I installed Fluxbb from my cpanel 5 days ago and here is what I have so far: 

Cyberian Radio 

Using the Fire style. Added that reCaptcha no spambot mod and it works beautifully.  Added the EZBBC tool bar and I still don't know how to space the smileys out yet but working on it.  Changed the over all font to comic sans.  Added the image to the top of the first forum page and changed out the little marker icons.. bull, asterisk, email, ext and help.

My website is my goofy internet radio.  I started it when I was driving a semi truck over the road and ran it out of the truck when I shut down for the night.  I let it die for most of last year and just a few weeks ago decided to revive it now that I'm retired.  My home studio isn't put together at the moment (working on a rental house remodel) so in the interim I've added a jukebox thingey to the front page with I think 21 full albums.  I'll swap that out when I get my streaming studio set back up and I'll be a real radio station once again. Microphone, mixer, compressor, silly made up commercials and drops, etc...  The chatroom leaves much to be desired.  I was experimenting with phpfreechat but couldn't get it to run.  The install directions left way too much to be desired.  So I found this xat thing and I don't like it but its free and does the trick.  I later saw where I could install phpfreechat from my cpanel.. duh!!!  I love my game room.  Its so tacky and has some serious retro games on it and I'm always on the lookout for more mindless drivel to waste time with. 

Not really looking for ratings or anything, just wanted to show what I've done in 5 days having zero experience with forums and php.

If you want to listen in to any of the albums just click the play button and hang on.  The music ranges from Dark Country to Classic Rock to Pop to stuff I have no name for.

Thanks for reading this and if you go check out my site, then thanks for looking.


Working hard at doing stuff I don't know how to do.


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