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Round up #8 - 300.000 is a milestone, you know

October is gone again, next one is there in 11 months. However, it's November now. Now, we didn't hit the FluxBB 1.5.5 milestone last month, so that will probably be for this month. Also, the SQLite 3 adapter has been moved to the next milestone and won't hit 1.5.5 (so, that's 1.5.6). Like I said last month, we where close to the 300.000 milestone. Today, the 1ste of November, we've hit this milestone. Thanks for another 300.000 downloads. That's 100.000 downloads in just 7,5 months (while we needed 5 years for the first 200.000!

Plugin: SCEditor WYSIWYG for 1.5.4 and higher
Last month, some nice modification hit the Resources page, and SCEditor WYSIWYG is one of them. This mod replaces the editors with a nice What You See Is Wat You Got editor, the SCEditor to be exact. This modification also adds support for some other parser stuff. This is a nice mod if you where searchinig for a WYSIWYG editor, if not, it's the best one for FluxBB right now.

Download from

Style: Enraged for FluxBB 1.4 and higher
Enraged is a light style, however, its main content areas are dark. This style uses CSS3 elements and so, some older browsers might have problems with showing everything properly. Also, it uses a couple of images, while they aren't to big, it might slow down a bit. However, it's a great style and a nice example for "how it has to be done".

Download from

Concept: FluxBB-RD
I couldn't find a nice website this month (seriously guys, post some stuff in the Show Off), however, yesterday, something AWESOME hit the forums. Askelon posted a concept (actualy, not sure if it is a concept or a real working FluxBB) on the forums which you have to see. Well, it's kind of hard to explain it here in a couple of sentence, so: click the link down here:

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