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#1 2013-05-03 19:06:41

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Round up #5 - The 'F' Of Fast

A new month has start, and that means, a new round up (yes, it's already the 3rd, but I wanted to keep the announcement on the frontpage for a while). So, what has happened in April? If you didn't notice: FluxBB turned 5 years old! Also, the new release 1.4.10 made it's way to the public to update your FluxBB 1.4 installation with a couple of security fixes. However, this month, we will probably see version 1.5.4 landing for the 1.5 branch. Beside, the 1st day of this month: we broke a download record with over 1000 downloads one 1 single day! You can read this topic for more information about the round ups.

Plugin: Rename Topics Easier
"Rename Topics Easier", it's a long name for a very simple plugin. But it does what it says: making it more easy to change the names of topics. Faster than usual. I can't say more about it. Just find out by yourself...

Download from

Style: EZC
EZC is a style that is meant to be modified. And because of that: the markup of the CSS files are very important, so are standards. By default, it's easy to see that this style uses CSS3 very much. For both standards and CSS: it's very well done. Except that it's maybe not that handy to keep supporting old versions of Webkit. However: if you want to design your own style, this is a good place to start, since the standard FluxBB styles are maybe a little bit to complex.

Download from

Website: SofTrix
We need new entries in the "Show off"... However, this month, I want to let you guys see the SofTrix website. Just take a look at it and you know why. The only question I got for the guys over there is if they designed that site to match the FluxBB style or the just had a style that matches their website very well (you can download this style from The style itself comes from but it looks modified. But that's not the point of this part of my post: it's about the website working good with their forum. And it does.

SofTrix Institute Website

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Re: Round up #5 - The 'F' Of Fast

WOW, Already guys. The FluxBB Team is working super fast and really hard hah. Thank you everyone who developed this new FluxBB version.

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Re: Round up #5 - The 'F' Of Fast

SofTrix style tires my eyes smile.


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Re: Round up #5 - The 'F' Of Fast

Download from

Should you fix link, ok because is evil

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