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#1 2009-01-30 16:39:17

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SVN Changes

This will only affect you is you have been actively checking out code from the SVN or Trac.

I have just moved a couple things around in the SVN, they should be fairly self explanatory but I though I'd let people know anyway.

  • trunk has been branched to fluxbb-1.2

  • the fluxbb-1.3-dev branch has been deleted (replaced with fluxbb-1.3-legacy)

  • trunk has been updated to include the files for 1.4

So you can find:

  • FluxBB 1.2 in branches/fluxbb-1.2

  • FluxBB 1.3 Legacy in branches/fluxbb-1.3-legacy

  • FluxBB 1.4 in trunk

Please note however that 1.4 has only just been imported and the team has not yet properly tested or reviewed it, the changes were all provided by Smartys so credit goes to him.


#2 2009-01-30 17:10:45

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Re: SVN Changes

Thanks Reines for the heads up, thanks Smartys for your work on 1.4 and thanks to the whole team for your ongoing efforts.

To the future, cheers. smile


#3 2009-01-30 17:35:33

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Re: SVN Changes

Oh, cool. Good work Smartys and Reines.

I should get my local server ready again. >_>

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