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#1 2021-07-23 05:16:21

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Header image working, and then not working?

I had this header up on my blog today working and looking good.


Later I break things like mentioned in my other thread, which I later resolved.

Then I reload the forum and the header image is missing.

The header shows in the source code when I view.

Why is it missing?

Edit - I had put the image in the title section in the options.

I also uninstalled a clone, in case that affects it.

Another factor is that I uninstalled a phplist application which I had mistakenly installed to my main url.  I cloned that to a sub-page as intended,  and deleted the original.  However, when I deleted the original, it went with my images folder in the main directory.  It didn't seem like a problem because, I just made a new images folder, and copied all the images from the cloned sub-page folder where they got moved. So it should be now exactly as it was.  But it isn't.

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