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#1 2020-01-17 16:15:31

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Can users be in multiple groups?


I'm trying to manage one forum with multiple categories and multiple subforums with basically arbitrary permissions. Let's say subforum
* A is for all citizens in a town,
* B is for all union members in that town,
* C is for footballparents in that town, whereas
* D is for union members of a specific union all over the country and
* E is for all people working at a particular workplace.

Everyone with permission to subforum C should not automatically have permission to subforum B, D or E.

user1 can be allowed to subforum A, B and C, but not D, E.
user2 can be allowed to subforum A, D and E, but not B, C.

Creating a usergroup for the user1 that allows access to A, B, C will not work for the user2. It seems that I have to create one usergroup for each combination which will be unsustainable as the number of subforums rises.

I'd rather create one usergroup A, one usergroup B, one C, D, E and F and then put user1 into group A, B and C and user2 into group A, D and E.

Or is there another way intended to manage this?


#2 2020-01-26 12:52:41

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Re: Can users be in multiple groups?

I'm afraid you cannot implement multi-group membership directly.

I hope the number of real combinations is limited, this is an idea. I see the only way is to build all valid combinations as:
then compose readable "aliases" for them and configure forums access rules as you wish.

I'm not a fan of FluxBB way anymore.


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