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#1 2018-10-02 21:40:11

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Subscribe a user to ALL topics they've posted in

I searched the archives because I'm sure I've talked about this on here before.

Is there a tutorial or FAQ or guide for properly setting up the SMTP settings so that my forum members can make use of the email subscribe notifications?

Also, can you help me set the default so that members will receive an email when someone replies to any topic they created?



#2 2018-10-03 07:50:16

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Re: Subscribe a user to ALL topics they've posted in

1.) The SMTP settings depend on your specific mail provider, they usually document the values you need to fill in the fields in FluxBB's administration panel.

2.) You can change the default value of the "auto_notify" column of the users table in your database from 0 to 1, to enable automatic subscription for new users. (You would have to change the value for all existing users, too - if that's what you and they want.) | develoPHP

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