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#1 2018-04-12 05:20:20

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pink style>>>>>>>>>>>

i want pink style for girls


#2 2018-04-12 07:20:17

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Re: pink style>>>>>>>>>>>

Already, we are not saying "I want", but "I would like".
Then, we must stop the preconceived ideas that pink is for girls and blue for boys.

Pink for girls, blue for boys: this colour code is so powerful and universally used that one would almost forget that it is a recent invention.
This is indeed what the American historian Jo B. Paoletti demonstrated in his book "Pink and Blue: Telling the Girls from the Boys in America" published in 2012. Thus, in Victorian times, girls and boys were dressed in white dresses until the age of 6.

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#3 2018-04-12 18:18:40

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Re: pink style>>>>>>>>>>>

FluxBB is really easy to modify and get the colors you want.  I used the default "Air.css", and changed a few of the colour values, to get this:

At line 1397 (aprox) the colour scheme starts:


/* Basic defaults and Common Items

html, body, .pun {
	background: #00ffff;
	color: #daa520;

.pun .punwrap {
	background: #daa520;
	border-color: #cad7e1;
	color: #000080;

To get the color codes , I used this chart: … olor_value there are various charts available, also ImageMagick gives you the codes.
For example , I changed this :

html, body, .pun {
	background: #00ffff;
	color: #daa520; 

To :

background: #ffb6c1; 

which results in this :
The rest of the colours, on the board and view posts, etc, are easy to change as could experiment with it, or just wait and hope someone makes a style special for you,...personally I don't have the time.


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