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My site is FluxBB has been perfect. It runs well on very minimal hardware. I've received only positive feedback about the appearance and performance of the site. Unlike so many Websites these days, a FluxBB website runs like a Swiss watch: no annoying lags, spinners, or AJAXed-in sections.

I've applied a few modifications developed by others. One automatically presents a preview image for YouTube videos. Another one adds an "ignore user" functionality. A third modification provides a GUI toolbar for BBCode.

A modification I coded myself adds a dashboard where suspected spammers can be listed and banned with a single button press. I'd imagine that the definition of "suspected spammers" varies from site to site, but for my site, I was able to come up with a pretty good algorithm for finding them.

The modification system is very simple, but consistent. I don't perceive much of a need for anything more sophisticated. FluxBB has a very uncluttered, direct philosophy, and it's much appreciated.


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And some good work with your forum.


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