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#1 2016-02-13 21:47:36

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improving search

At least one installation of FluxBB I use has the search defaults set to 60 seconds between successive searches.  I believe they have done this to reduce server load.  Unfortunately this increases the "load" on users (to get the search exactly right the first few times, and wastes our time if we don't).

I would like to (1) suggest a per user exponential back-off option for search that starts at 5 seconds and grows up to a configured limit in N number of configurable increments.

Also I hope (2) that a "search-help" link can be added next to the search box to explain how to make searches more effective (how are logical operators like AND and OR used, what is the default for multiple space separated words, how to use ellipses to create logical search statements - if that is possible - etc.)

Last (3), if the default is to search entire message bodies, perhaps defaulting to only a subject search might help if the FluxBB search engine tends to use significant resources.


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#2 2016-02-14 09:36:12

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Re: improving search

(1) - Not exactly sure what you mean by this, but this can be configured on a per-group basis by the forum Administrator.

(2) - There is some explanation next to the top on how to use these:

To search by keyword, enter a term or terms to search for. Separate terms with spaces. Use AND, OR and NOT to refine your search. To search by author enter the username of the author whose posts you wish to search for. Use wildcard character * for partial matches.

(3) - You can search just in subjects. Search -> Search In


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