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#1 2013-02-01 09:04:30

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Round up #2 - Be Responsive

Hello everyone! It’s the first of the month again, and you know what that means: round up! You can read this topic for more information. Anyway, last month, we have released another version of FluxBB, version 1.5.2 and of course, we have worked on FluxBB 2.0 alpha 2. Let’s hope we can give some screenshots in this month (wouldn’t that be awesome?). Together with FluxBB 2.0a2, we are now working on FluxBB 1.5.3, which will be again a patch release (don’t expect to much of it, it’s not a 1.5.1 (we did a lot in that release)). Anyway, let’s start.

Plugin: EZBBC Toolbar
Since FluxBB doesn’t have a built-in editor, one of the most downloaded kind of plugins are the plugins that add a toolbar to FluxBB so it’s easier to use BBCode. EZBBC Toolbar is one of them. It does not only add a toolbar, but it hase some cool features, like uploading files and a web-based editor for the style of the toolbar (it comes with a couple of different styles). Also, it adds a new emoticon set to FluxBB, however, it’s possible to change it back to the old ones.

Download from

Style: Victory
When you create a website, you can’t pass it: websites need to be responsive, so they work nice on tablets and smartphones. So, FluxBB should have a responsive theme to, and you know what? We have! Orkneywd has improved the basic Air-style on a big scale: it’s responsive and has some nice extra features (like sidebar stuff). If you want your forum to be responsive, download it, right away (yes, it’s coded following the standards)!

Download from

Site: Robomonkey
I found a really nice website, using FluxBB. Look at this, it is light, has a header you can laugh whit and of course, there are forums. A nice use of italic fonts. Bay the way, they are also using a pretty smart way to protect their forum from bots (a slider). It’s a nice style, however, I think some fonts are maybe a tiny little bit too small...

Visit this website

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Re: Round up #2 - Be Responsive

hey, thanks for the robomonkey shoutout, I encourage people to check out our other custom styles as well, not to be arrogant but I think we probably have one of the best lineups of fluxbb styles on the web.


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