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since there is no FluxBB v1.4 mod forum yet I am posting this here. I hope that is ok.

I am in the process of creating a question/answer based CAPTCHA system designed to protect any form on a website and can be used as a bot trap. I have been testing this CAPTCHA system on my own servers for a while now and it has been working REALLY good. So I decided it is time to share the new bot protection by creating a mod/plugin for FluxBB 1.4. I will test it with 1.2 in the next few days as well.

After the mod/plugin is installed, the FluxBB registration process will have these additional features:
- Registration protected by Question/Answer based CAPTCHA system, not obfuscated/impossible to read images.
- Deny registration if the CAPTCHA has not been answered incorrectly after X attempts, new question after an invalid answer.
- Add user's IP to .htaccess file and block access to the entire domain (this will be optional soon)
- Allow user to remove own IP from blocklist
- Check whitelist (via whois implementation) to prevent accidental block of good bots
- use internal cache table for quick IP lookups

- FluxBB version 1.4 BETA
- Apache Webserver, only tested with Apache 2.2.x
- PHP5 and ONLY PHP5, don't think about running this with PHP4!!!
- MySQL (tested with 5.1.35) or PostgreSQL (tested with 8.3.7)
- FluxBB database type can only be mysql, mysqli or pgsql

As I mentioned above, this is brand new and has only been tested on two servers!
But if you would like to test this and provide feedback you can find the installation instructions and download here: … _bot_trap/

Please excuse the poorly worded text above, I have been looking at code, tweaking and fixing minor issues all day. Now my brainpower is gone...

EDIT: Works with FluxBB 1.2 now so I will keep the thread in the mod section updated: … aptcha-v2/

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