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#1 2008-09-24 21:44:27

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Extension repo todo list

Ok, there quite a lot of things I'm thinking we might want to do so I'm going to start a list, comments and suggestions would be nice smile

  • Finish the review system

  • Trac integration (this is quite a big one, but since we can integrate the login I think we should do it)

    • Generate changelogs automatically for releases and show on the releases page

    • Show tickets on extension page? (easily done with an sqlite query I think)

    • Show recent commits on an extension page (maybe have a dev page for this and the active tickets, can be imported using for example … format=rss for fluxbb 1.2, a similar method for different extensions)

  • Allow extension author to give other users svn permission

  • Include more inline help during the extension creation process, and write some documentation on the wiki

  • Feeds for all extensions and specific extensions

  • Think about how to deal with language packs for the extensions

  • Improve the release audit process (allow some back and forth discussion with the author rather than just release/fail)

  • Improve/fix the search function

  • Allow moderator to edit the extensions details when approving it

Also, I think we should move the repository from to and setup trac at to be more consistent with our url scheme


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