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Policy statement

We have now reached the point where we think it would be useful to say something about how we see the future of FluxBB and the FluxBB community both generally and more particularly with regard to PunBB.

We want to be clear: our sole aim is to develop and promote FluxBB as best we can with the help of the community. We do not intend to try to maintain compatibility with PunBB, nor do we intend to try to make life difficult for the PunBB developers or the PunBB community. As others have said, it is time to make it plain that this is a clean break. As some of you may have noticed, we have stopped posting on the PunBB forum and intend this to remain the case at least for the immediate future.

With regard to support for existing PunBB users: we will not offer any support for forums running PunBB 1.3. However, we will continue to provide support for forums running PunBB 1.2 and their administrators are welcome to post questions in the forums here. We recognize that many of them will have no wish to upgrade their existing installations particularly if they are heavily modified and we do not intend to put any pressure on them to do so. However, it may well be the case that there are good reasons for them to update to the latest version of FluxBB and if this is the case then they will be encouraged to do so.

In the past, some people have made posts that flame PunBB or attempt to stir up difficulties where none exist. If people want to ask legitimate questions about the relationship between the two projects, that's fine. However, abuse aimed at PunBB is no more acceptable than abuse aimed at other members or other projects. It makes us look unprofessional and may even deter potential users. From this point forward, users should realize that flaming is unacceptable and either refrain from engaging in it or face consequences for it.

We are very grateful for members efforts to promote FluxBB but are convinced that positive promotion is much more attractive to potential users than bashing other projects. We would ask all members to keep that in mind.


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