Recommended hosting providers

While FluxBB does not provide hosting, we realize a lot of people will be looking for somewhere to host their FluxBB forum. Below we have compiled some brief information about hosting and some providers we recommend.

Note: None of the services mentioned below are affiliated with FluxBB.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most common form of hosting. A provider will set up and maintain the servers themselves, renting out accounts with limited access to customers.

  • WebFaction provides shared hosting that is a bit different from most; along with the normal features they offer full shell access and an allocated amount of application memory with which you can run long term processes.
  • Dreamhost is a huge hosting company that provides large amounts of disk space and bandwidth at very low cost. They are what we would consider "cheap and cheerful" rather than high quality.
  • Hostgator is another large hosting company that provides huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth at low cost.

VPS hosting

If you require more control or flexibility than can be offered by shared hosting, a VPS is the way to go. You will get root access to the server, and be required to set up and install any software you require yourself. They have the advantage that you can run (pretty much) anything you want, if you are able to set it up!

  • Gandi provides a very flexible hosting service, allowing you to change your server's specifications as required. They also provide a "Gandi AI" mode which can install and set up commonly used software for you. Gandi runs datacenters in both France and USA.
  • Linode is a high quality Xen VPS provider with datacenters in both UK and USA. They offer a nice selection of operating systems and are generally very fast to add new ones when they are updated.
  • Slicehost is a VPS provider which offers Xen hosting. Unlike many hosting providers they do not oversell their servers, not even the bandwidth. The company is run by developers and are very developer friendly.
  • RoseHosting is in business since 2001 and offers fully-managed Linux VPS hosting powered by enterprise SSD drives. All hosting plans are fully-managed with free 24/7 support. That includes free installation and set up of FluxBB, free website migration, free full weekly backups and more.

Dedicated hosting

Unless you are running a very large and busy forum, or multiple websites/services, chances are you will not require a dedicated server. Like a VPS, you will need to know what you are doing to run a dedicated server.

  • Softlayer is a very large and well known server provider, with data centers in Seattle, Dalllas and Washington DC. They provide a high quality network with powerful servers.

Free hosting

While most free hosting doesn't allow you to install your own scripts, or injects adverts in where they shouldn't be, there are a few services specifically providing free FluxBB forum hosting. In the interest of fairness, as these services are community ran, we have decided not to specifically recommend any of these services. However, a community generated list can be found in the wiki.