Setting up your forum



Change basic setting like the title and discription. Default time zone and daylight savings. Also, you can change the default language of your forum (for guests and new users) and the default style.

Time and timeouts

Change the way the time and date are displayed. Here, you can also change the timeouts and the redirect time.


Here you can change the appearance of your board. Things like displaying the version number of FluxBB in the footer info about users. Also, you can enable smilies and made links are clickable without the need to put them between [url]-tags. Also, you can change here the number of topics and posts on one page.


Under 'Features' you can change the functions that are available on your board, like quick post and signatures. Also, you can activate censor. You can disable the information belowe the forum index with the option 'Users online'. And you can add new items to the menu. You can do this with a code like this:

X = <a href="URL">LINK</a>

'X' is the position of the link, 'URL' is the link itselfs and 'LINK' is the name of the link. An example: we want to add a link to the home page between “User list” and “Rules”. Then, we need this code:

3 = <a href="">Home</a>


Change the setting for feeds, like the default feed type.


Change the way FluxBB handels reports and add more people to the mailing list for reports.


Change settings that infects avatars, like the directory they need to be stored and theire max width, height and size (in bytes).


Change email settings, like the adres of the forums admin and webmaster, the abbility to subscribe to forums and topics and your SMTP settings.


Here, you can disable new registrations. Also, you can activate a security features that asks at new members to verify themselfs. You also can add here forum rules, when you activate 'User forum rules', a new button, 'Rules', will be added to the menu of your FluxBB installation.


Put an announcement above every page of your forum (under the menu).


Under “Maintenance”, you can disable users from entering your forum so you can work on it, for example, update FluxBB, change settings, etc. When your forum is in maintenance, it's recommended that you stay logged in. If you log out, you will not be able to log in again. You can find more information about this under troubleshooting.


Probably the most critical part of setting up a new forum is getting the permissions right.

FluxBB v1.5 comes with a new feature that allows you to automatically “promote” your users to new groups once they reach a certain number of posts. To a certain degree, this allows for creating reputation-based services similar to sites like StackOverflow, although the amount of permissions that a user can gain is limited.

To setup a working and useful permission hierarchy, you can create user groups in the administration panel. Click on “User groups” and you will see the four default user groups - Administrators, Moderators, Members and Guests.



See forums

User groups

See promotion


With censoring, you can easily manage which words need to be replaced with another word. On this page, you are able to add, update and remove censored words. Remember that this also affects usernames.


Here (not to be confused with 'Maintenance' on the Options-page) you can rebuild the index of your board. This is handy if you have add, removed or changed posts without using FluxBB itselfs (with phpMyAdmin for example). You browser need to support Javascript and need to have this option enabled. You need to reload the pages by yourself if not.

Another option is to prune old posts. You can chose by yourself how old the posts need to be and which forum needs to be pruned. Remember that both options can't be undone!