If you are using another board software than FluxBB, but want to start using FluxBB, you can start with a fresh line. But, of course, it's nice to keep all you categories, forums, topics, posts, users, ranks and all the other stuff that can be handled by FluxBB. That's why we are creating a converter. You can download it here.

Note: If you are moving from PunBB, you can easily upgrade instead of converting as FluxBB is a fork.


When you want to use the converter, you need to follow this steps.

  • Install FluxBB v1.5.3 on your server (example:
  • Create a subdirectory in the FluxBB directory (example name: “converter”).
  • Put all files from the converter zipfile in that directory.
  • Go to the converter page (
  • Choose which forum software you want to convert from.
  • Enter database connection information
  • Press 'Start converter'.
  • Done! You're now ready to use FluxBB!


The converter is on a pre-bèta stage and isn't finished yet. So, it only supports the following board software:

  • IP Board 3.2
  • MyBB 1
  • PHP Fusion 7
  • PhpBB 3.0
  • SMF 1.1
  • SMF 2
  • MiniBB 3.0
  • vBulletin 4.1

Also, you can easly merge another FluxBB 1.5 installation with you new installation.