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 ====== Templates ====== ====== Templates ======
-FIXME+Templates are files that FluxBB uses to generate all its pages. Every style needs to use templates. FluxBB has templates in the core itself which are used by the themes that are included in the download (except for Technetium). You can easily add other templates to your style by creating a folder called ''​template''​ in your styles directory. 
 +===== Location ===== 
 +The templates that are delivered with FluxBB are located in the ''/​include/​template/''​ folder. When you want to use other templates, you can add them to ''/​style/​Blue/​main.tpl'',​ where ''​Blue''​ is the name of your style. 
 +===== Types of templates ===== 
 +  * **admin.tpl** This template generates all pages which name starts with ''​admin_''​. This template is essential for the Admin Panel. 
 +  * **help.tpl** This template generates the help file, it doesn'​t have a header, nor a footer. 
 +  * **main.tpl** This template generates the forum index, forums, topics and everything else. 
 +  * **maintenance.tpl** This template generates the page that you can see when your forum is in maintenance. 
 +  * **redirect.tpl** This template has no interface, it only displays the message that you will be redirected soon.