For an overview of styles and how to install them, please see the customizing page.


All you need for a style to be discovered by FluxBB's core is a single stylesheet in the /style/ folder. Let's assume you are creating a style called “Blue”. That means, to make the style selectable e.g. in the user profiles, you need to create a file called /style/Blue.css, which will then automatically be loaded if a user decides to use that style.

Style sheets

You can easily add your style sheet the you forum by putting it in the /style/ folder of your FluxBB Root. It automatically takes the name of the css file (without .css). When you use images, it's recommended to create a folder with the same name of your style, in this example: /style/Blue/.


When developing a style, you might want to overwrite the default templates that are used for generating the wrapping HTML code for all pages. Those can be found in the /include/template/ directory.

An example: For your style “Blue”, you might want to replace the default main.tpl. To do that, simply copy /include/template/main.tpl to /style/Blue/main.tpl and modify it to fit your needs.

Including PHP code

Sometimes you might need to include some custom PHP code in your templates. That is very easy to do using the pun_include tag, which you can add to your templates.

All included files have to reside in the /include/user/ directory. As an alternative, you can choose to have style-specific include files in your style's directory (which will overrule an equally-named file in the /include/user/ directory).

So, to include a file called “myfile.php”, simply add the following tag at the right place in your template:

<pun_include "myfile.php">