For an overview of modifications and how to install them, please see the customizing page.


When starting with the development one can use the developer references to lookup database column/tables, functions, constants and more. The source code of FluxBB itself is also a good reference. It is also important to keep track of all the changes that are made, because these must be added in the installation instructions of the modification.


Your modification should be packaged using the FluxBB MDK.

  1. Edit template_readme.txt and save it as readme.txt.
  2. Additional source files have to be placed in the /files/ directory. 
  3. Open up install_mod.php and edit it to your liking. NOTE: You should
     only include the mod install script if your mod requires running SQL-
     queries against the database during installation. If your mod does not
     alter the database layout or contents in any way, you should remove
  4. We encourage you to make your modification translatable. This can easily
     be achieved by defining your strings in /files/lang/English/mod_name.php
     (Do not forget to alter the name of the language file)
     In your source code, you then have to include the language definitions:
     if (file_exists(PUN_ROOT.'lang/'.$pun_user['language'].'/mod_name.php'))
     	require PUN_ROOT.'lang/'.$pun_user['language'].'/mod_name.php';
     	require PUN_ROOT.'lang/English/mod_name.php';
     Now simply use $lang_mod_name['Example'] instead of hardcoded strings.
  5. Archive the files together in an archive (zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2 or rar) with
     all (if any) other files your mod needs.
  6. Visit the FluxBB Modification Repository at 
     and upload your mod through the upload interface.
  Version numbering: The first release of a mod should always be 1.0. 1.0.1
                     is a bug fix release based on 1.0. If the new version
                     offers added features or a large number of bugfixes it
                     could be called 1.1. Stepping up to version 2.0 would
                     more or less require a complete rewrite of the mod.
  NOTE: Please save text files with UNIX style linebreaks if possible.


When releasing a modification it should be packaged in a zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2 or rar archive. The installation instructions and all the other necessary files need to be included in the package. Diff/Patch files can also be included to make it easier to install the modification on a clean FluxBB installation.

Once the release is properly packaged, it can be submitted to the modification repository. Before the modifications (and mod releases, too) are visible they have to be approved by the FluxBB developers. A mail will be sent to you with the results and, optionally, a message from the reviewer.

In case your release does not get approved, you should get a detailed report about the reasons along with the notification. You can then fix the issues and reupload the release. Note that you don't have to delete the old release, but can instead overwrite the old package and mark your release for review again.