Installing Manually

  1. Copy/upload all contents into the directory where you want to run your forums.
  2. Create a database for the forum to use.
    • For MySQL:
    • For PostgreSQL:
    • For SQLite:
      • Do nothing 1), the install script will automatically create the database.
  3. Run install.php from the forum root directory and follow the on-screen instructions.

Write permissions

In order for FluxBB to run correctly PHP must have write permissions for /cache/ and /img/avatars/. Under Windows, and certain Linux configurations this isn't a problem. If the install script notices these directories aren't writeable it will warn you. To fix this they must be set to CHMOD 777 (instructions).

Installing using AMPPS/Softaculous

FluxBB is available for install using AMPPS and Softaculous. AMPPS is a Windows-based stack of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl & Python. For more information please visit their websites.

Install options

Database type

FluxBB will automatically check which database engines your server can support and provide a drop down menu with available options. Usually it is recommended to use “MySQL Improved” or “MySQL Improved (InnoDB)”.

Database server hostname

The address of the database server (example: localhost, or You can specify a custom port number if your database doesn't run on the default port (example: localhost:3580). For SQLite support this field is ignored.

Database name

The name of the database that FluxBB will be installed into. The database must exist. For SQLite, this is the relative path to the database file. If the SQLite database file does not exist, FluxBB will attempt to create it.

Database credentials

Enter the username and password with which you connect to the database. Ignore for SQLite.

Table prefix

If you like, you can specify a table prefix. This way you can run multiple copies of FluxBB in the same database (example: foo_).

Administrator's username

This specifies the username for the forum's first user/administrator.

Administrator's password (and confirmation)

These fields dictate what said administrator's password is. It is recommended that this be a strong password, as it is a strong user in regards to the forum.

Administrator's email

This email is not only used for the administrator users account but it, by default, is set as the webmaster email, administrator email, and it is added to the mailing list for reports by the forum's users.

Board title

This sets the title of the board which appears at the uppermost left corner of the forum and the title in the browser window as well as being included in forum-generated emails.

Board description

The board description is located under the board title in the uppermost left corner.

Base url

This setting sets the base of the urls for the forum. It is vital that this is set correctly, as it can cause permission issues and/or cause the site to cease to function. In most cases the default should be okay.

Default language

This setting dictates which translation of the board to use.

Default style

This sets the default style used by the board for new or non-registered users.

Please report any problems you might encounter during installation in the FluxBB forums.

1) If PHP does not have write access to your root forum directory you may need to temporarily chmod it to 777 (instructions) otherwise the install script will not be able to create the database file. Don't forget to return the chmod value to whatever it was before (usually 755) afterwards!