Unfeatures are features which have purposely not been included within a product. Below you will find a list of features which have been considered for inclusion in FluxBB, though rejected for various reasons; if you are looking for a list of features which are included, please see the features page.

Private Messages

Granted, private messages are quite a popular feature in some forums. However, this function actually has nothing to do with the core aim of the software. You don't really need a copy of what standard email already gives you, inside a forum. If you really need to get in touch with other users privately, you can always contact them via the email form.


On a similar note, we feel a bookmarking feature would simply be duplicating the bookmarking system in your web browser. There is no need for this functionality in a forum software.


FluxBB is designed as a forum system, not a CMS. If you wish to summarize the latest news for example, you can do this easily by integrating the forum into your home page, the same way we have with


Attachments are not necessary on the majority of forums. They are an easy target for abuse, and mis-configuration, as well as another attack vector against your forum. In most cases, even if your forum requires sharing images/files, users can make use of third party websites for hosting their files and simply provide links.

Facebook Connect/OpenID

Facebook connect/OpenID and similar such services can be good additions, but should not be used as the sole account system. Additionally, we do not want to have any parts of the core rely on a third party service, such as Facebook. As such, they are probably better suited to modifications/extensions than as part of the core.


Along the same lines as private messages, shout-boxes have nothing to do with forum software. There are many available shout-box scripts which you can install on your website separately from the forum or even include by editing FluxBB's templates.

Revisited for FluxBB 2.0

Not every unfeature will stay for ever an unfeature, in fact, there are some unfeatures we will revisit for our next major release FluxBB 2.0.



Implementing sub forums properly would require a rather major redesign of the forum structure, which will not be done in the current branch. This idea will be revisited in FluxBB 2.0.


FluxBB is traditionally very light on javascript, and a WYSIWYG editor does not really fit in. This might be reconsidered for FluxBB 2.0.

Official Extension


While captchas do block a lot of spam, they are annoying to users and can cause huge problems for people with poor eyesight. For the current branch, FluxBB 1.5, there is no aim to add a captcha, however we might revisit this suggestion in the form of an official extension for FluxBB 2.0.