FluxBB Hosting

Currently there are a few community ran hosting services which offer FluxBB hosting. In interest of fairness we have decided to create a wiki page on which anyone running such a service can add their link.

Note: The list below is provided for convenience only. Since it is community edited please do not confuse it with our recommended hosts page; the sites below have not been tested by our developers and are not officially endorsed in any way.

Free hosting

  • PunBB-Hosting initially provided free PunBB forum hosting, but now runs FluxBB instead. PunBB-Hosting is run by a former FluxBB developer, so you can be assured your forum will be in good hands.
  • Crissic provides cheap, yet high quality vps hosting that won't break your wallet.

Domain Registration

  • provides cheap domain registration services, use coupon code fluxbb for a 10% discount on .com, .net, and .org.