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Ticket #360 (open task)

Expand the "Using Git" wiki page

  • Created: 2011-03-15 21:49:30
  • Reported by: Reines
  • Assigned to: None
  • Milestone: 2.3
  • Component: wiki
  • Priority: normal

The Using Git wiki page is quite good, but doesn't cover all topics which are required.

One example is the new use of submodules in FluxBB 2.0, as well as checking out remote branches and various other basic aspects.

It should probably go on another page, but we should also cover the basics of using GitHub (check their own wiki/help pages).

It would be nice to give instructions of how to check the exact changes between tags, especially for the language directory specifically.


Studio384 2013-01-10 21:24:38

Can I take care of the page about GitHub, Jamie?

Page (github) created by Studio384 2013-01-14 19:38:35

Created for #360

Reines 2015-07-21 09:40:17

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