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Get involved

FluxBB is very much a community supported project. We are constantly in need of assistance from interested users; if you are interested in getting involved there are many ways you can contribute.

Join the discussion

A great way to start getting involved if you are new to FluxBB is simply to join in the discussion on our forums and on IRC. Answering questions by users is a great way to help out the community in general.

Spread the word

If you own a blog or website you can greatly help by spreading the word and encouraging new users to give FluxBB a try. If you have a Twitter account you can also help by retweeting any announcements we make to help us reach a larger audience.

Word of mouth is just as important. Your friend or somebody you know wants to build a forum? Recommend us! Tell people about the nice software you have found in FluxBB.

Eliminate bugs

One of the most useful tasks that we rely on the community for is testing and reporting of bugs. Since FluxBB supports various different databases and can be ran of any number of different webservers, running on-top of varying different platforms, testing all changes in every possible situation is an impossible task. As such we kindly ask users to assist in testing, and reporting all bugs they may find, using our ticket system.

Once a bug has been found, the cause of the bug needs to be tracked down, and then (obviously) fixed. If you want to get involved in the actual development process of FluxBB a great way to start is by solving bugs and then submitting a patch file.

Release resources

Since FluxBB aims to be a minimal forum system with only the necessary features, we often have users looking for modifications to add specific extra features. Writing (and releasing) modifications is one of the best ways to get yourself familiar with the architecture of FluxBB, while also greatly benefitting the community. If PHP is not your thing, then new styles are always good, too.

If you happen to speak multiple languages, you can help by translating FluxBB and/or existing modifications.

Update documentation

Keeping documentation up-to-date is always a hard (and boring!) task. Our wiki is editable by members; any help writing documentation is always greatly appreciated.


Like many open-source projects, FluxBB relies on your donations to stay alive. The developers do not get paid for their time or work, and the hosting bills do not pay themselves! Donations of any size are always appreciated.

Join the development team

If you would like to become part of the development team please send an email to While we aren't strict about who we accept, you should generally either have specific skills in something we require (with evidence), or be known within the community. In other words, it is a good idea to first start with some of the above tasks; get to know people, release some modifications, maybe contribute some patches.