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10 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#390   Create new update script Franz 2.0-beta1 upgrading  
#993   Exclude unneeded files in release   2.0-beta1 code  
#978   Include thread title in notification mail subject   2.0-beta1 email  
#774   Better implementation of daylight saving time   2.0-beta1 localization  
#678   Delete user account   2.0-beta1 usability  
#677   Search: use (+ | - ) instead or with AND, OR, NOT   2.0-beta1 search  
#496   Update cache when language pack changes   2.0-beta1 caching  
#473   Update script should delete some files   2.0-beta1 upgrading  
#383   Use CSS sprites Studio384 2.0-beta1 styling  
#138   Come up with a new slogan   2.0-beta1