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60 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#227   Plugin calling "message()" fails Franz 1.4.3 code  
#177   1.4.2 sets a bad cookie after registering. Reines 1.4.3 usability  
#114   Bug Categories Reines 1.4.3 code  
#106   Mods can edit admins profile Reines 1.4.3 code  
#95   SQL error when showing all posts from an user (with PostgreSQL) Reines 1.4.3 search  
#30   Only admins should be able to run the upgrade script Reines 1.4.3 upgrading  
#237   Language of the admin in install.php Reines 1.4.3 installation  
#212   Remove the database password confirmation in install.php Franz 1.4.3 installation  
#209   Use absolute paths to define PUN_ROOT Reines 1.4.3 code  
#180   $db->index_exists should be case-insensitive Reines 1.4.3 database  
#173   Only regenerate quickjump cache when necessary Franz 1.4.3 caching  
#170   Allow moderators to view a user's subscriptions Franz 1.4.3 usability  
#169   Show quick jump dropdown list on all pages Franz 1.4.3 usability  
#164   base_url is never validated Reines 1.4.3 security  
#162   Don't replace [img] tags inside [code] tags when quoting posts. Reines 1.4.3 parser  
#152   Error quoting a post with an image used as URL Reines 1.4.3 code  
#149   Support for HTTPS Reines 1.4.3 code  
#148   Redirection after deleting a message Reines 1.4.3 usability  
#142   Forum subscriptions Franz 1.4.3 syndication  
#134   Stick topic option in post.php Reines 1.4.3 usability  
#105   Unable to change users admin_note or num_posts when they are banned Reines 1.4.3 code  
#103   Undefined variable in delete.php quy 1.4.3 code  
#101   Erroneous file permissions Reines 1.4.3 installation  
#100   wordwrap should be enabled on posts Reines 1.4.3 usability  
#98   Code isn't trimmed properly inside code tags Reines 1.4.3 parser