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16 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#93   PHP unserialize() vulnerability affects cookie data Reines 1.4.2 code  
#60   Upgrading to utf8_general_ci can cause "identical" usernames Reines 1.4.2 upgrading  
#76   Huge posts can break formatting Reines 1.4.2 parser  
#85   Blank errors from DBLayer::error() when a transaction fails Reines 1.4.2 database  
#84   Parameters of extern.php changed from 1.2 to 1.4 Reines 1.4.2 syndication  
#82   Reason must be under 65535 bytes when making a report Reines 1.4.2 code  
#80   FluxBB's cache is not updated when used with apc.stat=0 Reines 1.4.2 caching  
#79   Constant PUN_RANKS_LOADED already defined Reines 1.4.2 code  
#78   Censor URL in viewtopic.php quy 1.4.2 code  
#77   No IP when banning a user without posts quy 1.4.2 code  
#41   LIMIT X,Y is used in various places other than just displaying posts Reines 1.4.2 database  
#17   Add database password confirmation in install script Franz 1.4.2 usability  
#88   Localization of "New forum" Reines 1.4.2 localization  
#87   Name for quick reply form Reines 1.4.2 markup  
#89   Example plugin styling FSX 1.4.2 styling  
#2   Plugin loader improvements Franz 1.4.2 plugins